Own the airspace

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Who We Are

OAG’s international network of pilots and air crewmen are veterans of Special Operations flight missions and support, able to execute any mission in any environment.

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What We Do

As mission profiles change and ROE shift, warfighters must adapt to new operational realities. No matter the political or operational parameters, proven air capabilities remain paramount to the success of kinetic and non-kinetic operations.

Tactical Air Movement services include armed and unarmed personnel and materiel transport, resupply, and reconnaissance in active combat zones and austere complex environments. Our theatre is global.

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Why Us

Across the global theater of operations, OAG provides a full suite of Tactical Air Movement capabilities.

Whatever your requirement, when its time to go wheels up, OAG is your force multiplier, providing the air capabilities required to successfully complete the mission.

Connect with us today to develop a mission profile specifically tailored to your operational requirements, and head down range knowing that you Own the Airspace.

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